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Energy's parents guide to becoming a better spectator and your role as the parent of one of our athletes.

Much more than the winning or losing are the lessons learned in the process of practices and tournament play. Success is a journey not a destination. We ask that your role from the sidelines and stands be positive and supportive. This is a game not a war. When players are working hard they deserve encouragement and support , they need to know you are there and they do not need to hear your anxiety piled on top of their own when the game is going poorly.

Publicly criticizing players on your team can really hurt morale. Criticism is simply poor sportsmanship and leads to unnecessary bad feelings on and off the playing area. The same goes for the referees, they may make mistakes and sometimes bad calls but they are not made on purpose and we ask that you always be respectful to them as bad situations or arguing or heckling can be distracting from the most important thing going on, the players competition.

Please leave the coaching to the coaches, the game is for the players, coaches are there to guide the players and in the stress of the game there needs to be only one source of feedback, that from the coaches.

Remember its a game! therefore the athletes are supposed to enjoy the process, please remember that your attitude in the spectating area can affect the mood and success of the team. Emotions run high in competitions and feelings are easily hurt so remember to be tolerant humble kind and most of all send POSITIVE ENERGY to all the players.

In the name of competition we ask that all parents and athletes abide by the rules in the true spirit of sportsmanship, our message to parents and athletes is to be humble and kind, enjoy and have fun!

if you ever wondered why you pay for your kids to play volleyball and think to yourself is it really worth it?  the link below is a great read!

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+Energy 2023 Indoor Volleyball

Registration is closing soon for the 2023 Indoor Season.

We recently updated each of the programs with more detailed information about what the upcoming season will look like including fee structure, practice times, included gear/swag etc. Please do register now and grab your spot for tryouts as space may be limited.

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