Personal Trainer

+Energy Volleyball Club - Personal Trainer - Izzy Turk

Izzy will be coming to our club this season to do some group training sessions with our HP teams.

My passion for training athletes is what constantly drives me to improve my education and craft as a strength & conditioning coach. I’ve worked relentlessly over the past 10 years to enhance my abilities in the sports science realm, knowing that the payoff is being able to give my athletes a better chance at personal and professional growth. As a S&C Coach, I believe that the efforts I put forth will be reflected in those in which I’m leading. Therefore, I make sure I strive to always push myself mentally and physically to my limits, and provide my athletes with a championship environment.

I grew up loving every sport I had time to compete in. So logically, the next best thing for my career path was to become a trainer, and therefore I set off to university and obtained a degree in Business with a minor in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I was blessed to have learned from some of the top-recognized sports science professors in Montreal. Being in this highly academic environment allowed me to find my new passion and true calling as a strength and conditioning coach. As of 2021, I am also a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (

My career working with many different teams and organizations has given me the honor of training hundreds of athletes. Through it all, I continue to grow more and more passionate about training athletes. A big reason why I never lose my love for training is because of the great potential for so much innovation and research that exists in sports science. But ultimately it's watching each athlete I work with improve and get closer to reaching their own personal goals.


Izzy Turk