Beach Volleyball

+Energy’s 2023 Beach Volleyball Season is here!! 

Another exciting beach season at +Energy is in the works!

UPDATED May 26th
We are now full. Thank you to all of you who signed up for Tryouts!

Ready to work hard, compete and make some great connections? Beach is a great way to stay active all summer while improving your skills in both beach and indoor volleyball.

Energy Beach Volleyball Tryout Dates and Locations:

Age Group: 14U
May 29th and June 1st
Time: 3:45pm to 5:45pm
Where: City Park Kelowna (water side courts)
Cost: Tryout Fee $30

Age Group: 15U
May 29th and June 1st
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Where: UBCO Beach Courts (UBCO Campus)
Cost: Tryout Fee $30

Age Group: 16U
May 29th and June 1st
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: UBCO Beach Courts (UBCO Campus)
Cost: Tryout Fee $30

New to beach Volleyball or a reigning National champion? There is something for everyone.  We have an elite group that trains and competes from June-August entering into multiple tournaments throughout BC and the US.
We have other groups that train and compete locally. We also have training available for athletes who just want to train and see competition as optional. The choice is yours so come tryout to see what program is the right fit for you.

Training days for June

2 days a week Monday-Thursday: 3:45-5:45pm
Some weekends at our private court in West Kelowna.
*Practice times and days to be determined.

Training days for July

Courts Reserved for 4 days a week Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.
8:30am-12:30pm times for specific groups will be determined after tryouts.

Tournament Schedule

All tournaments have been posted on the Volleyball BC website.
2023 Youth Beach Tournament Schedule. Click Here To View Schedule.

Last year there was a total of 9 tournaments with VBC this included 4 sand series in Penticton Kamloops and in Vancouver, there is also The Vancouver open, Kits fest, Provincials and Nationals that all take place in Vancouver at either Spanish banks or Kitsilano beach.

The season will Officially start on the 5th June and ends on the 31s of July just after Provincials in Vancouver. We will have a special training group in August for athletes wanting to compete in National Championships.

If you are interested in training with Energy this summer, fees will be $695.00 for the season.

All training will be at Kelowna's City Park (3 courts on the water side), and we also have access to a private professional court in West Kelowna for specific advanced training groups.

We do have limited space, our courts are already reserved for the summer and the first tournament is the high school open May 27-28th. Athletes are must sign up for the events they want to participate in on the VBC website, the cost is approximately $40 for each event but you must sign up as a group of 2 so total is approx. 80 + tax.

There is no training on the weekends because of tournaments, Wayne and/or Euan will be at all the tournaments to support the players who want to compete. The first week of club (tryouts)  will be determining the size of training groups going forward.

Having a partner for beach is not necessary to begin training, we start as a group and coaches will determine partners for events based on skill levels and commitment to some or all events. Some exceptions for past partners!


More about Beach Volleyball with +Energy

We have been training at the beach courts at City Park in Kelowna BC since we began just a few short years ago. We are also lucky enough to have our own state of the art private court in West Kelowna with all of the trimmings  - 9' net surround, professional targets, AirCat Serving machine and dozens of AVP OPTX balls for advanced training days as well as fully lit playing area for late evening practices.

During the months of June, July and August beach volleyball becomes our life. Our athletes have the opportunity to train all week and compete almost every weekend and as a result our core group of athletes are competition based. However it must be noted that we also have athletes who simply wish to play beach just so that they can keep in shape and get touches on the ball until indoor starts up again in the fall. The choice is yours.

95% of our athletes train year round moving from indoor to the beach and then to back to their respective high school volleyball teams.  All of our club coaches also volunteer as head coaches in many different schools in the Okanagan during school season, so it is safe to say that volleyball is in our blood.

Several of our athletes have won multiple tournaments including the VBC Sand Series, Vancouver Open, Kits Festival, Provincials and Nationals and the list goes on and on.  We absolutely love competing and encouraging any and all of our athletes to participate in as many tournaments as possible.

Beach Volleyball is an amazing experience not only for the athletes but for the parents as well that get to sit back on the beach and watch there athletes play the sport they love while enjoying the beautiful summer weather.