Energy U14 Indoor Volleyball

+Energy 2023 U14 Indoor Volleyball

Last updated Dec 8th 12:00pm

Check out the Events Calendar for upcoming practices.

U14 +Energy Club Tryouts Are Now Complete.

We have selected our athletes and team placement is almost complete!

The team placement & team gear sizing session on Wednesday Dec 7th went very well and we would like to thank you for your patience while 35 girls were geared up for the coming season.  Most of the athletes have been selected and placed on their respective teams. As explained at the beginning of the team placement selection process there may be slight changes here and there while we strive to make sure athletes are where they need to be for the best growth going forward.

The head coaches however have been selected and we are all excited to get this season rolling.

Energy Sun: Tanya Hatchwell
Energy Wave: Nelson Gonzales
Energy Fire: Euan Robertson
Assistant Coaches will be named shortly.

Each of our three U14 teams will have 12 athletes in order to comply with Volleyball BC's Fair Play Rule.
As previously mentioned above there will be one or two changes going forward with respect to finalizing each of our three teams’ rosters in order to comply with this rule.  In order to get this handled and on to brighter things we have added two more days to your busy schedule and they are:

Final Team Placement
Place: Central Sports Club
Time:  Dec 12th @ 3:30pm-5:30pm

First Team Practice 
Place: Central Sports Club
Time:  Dec 15th @ 3:30pm-5:30pm

Please do let us know right away if you are out of town or have other festivities planned and cannot attend as this of course takes place during the start of the silly season.

Check out the Events Calendar for upcoming practices.

Once Teams are sorted on the 12th of Dec the fun finally begins on the 15th. At that time we will be starting the process of setting up TeamSnap accounts and requesting team managers to step forward.

Until then keep an eye out on this page or via email for more information as it becomes available.

Final Club Roster Submission deadline with Volleyball BC for U14 is March 10th 2023.