Beach Volleyball 2022

+Energy 2022 Beach Volleyball Season
It's a Wrap!

Another exciting beach season at +Energy has come to a close! We can't wait to see everyone again in 2023.
Every summer beginning in the last week of May our +Energy athletes take off their shoes and hit the sands of Kelowna and beyond for some serious beach volleyball fun.  +Energy's beach volleyball club practices 3 to 4 days a week depending on the age groups and the level of competition and we compete most weekends in tournaments all over Western BC and even a few  in the USA.

We have been training at the beach courts at City Park in Kelowna BC since we began just a few short years ago. We are also lucky enough to have our own state of the art private court in West Kelowna with all of the trimmings  - 9' net surround, professional targets, AirCat Serving machine and dozens of AVP OPTX balls for advanced training days.

During the months of June, July and August beach volleyball becomes our life. Our athletes have the opportunity to train all week and compete almost every weekend and as a result our core group of athletes are competition based. However it must be noted that we also have athletes who simply wish to play beach just so that they can keep in shape and get touches on the ball until indoor starts up again in the fall. The choice is yours.

95% of our athletes train year round moving from indoor to the beach and then to back to their respective high school volleyball teams.  All of our club coaches also volunteer as head coaches in many different schools in the Okanagan during school season, so it is safe to say that volleyball is in our blood.

Several of our athletes have won multiple tournaments including the VBC Sand Series, Vancouver Open, Kits Festival, Provincials and Nationals and the list goes on and on.  We absolutely love competing and encouraging any and all of our athletes to participate in as many tournaments as possible.

Beach Volleyball is an amazing experience not only for the athletes but for the parents as well that get to sit back on the beach and watch there athletes play the sport they love while enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Information about the upcoming 2023 Beach Season will be posted after indoor Nationals. Stay tuned!!